Saturday, 2 April 2016

Magical Items to Survive Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland (Type 10)

The Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland is full of weird and wonderful things that can catch anyone out. Here's one type of magical item you may want to keep in your fairy tale travel bag... If you're a princess, I guess: The Dressmaking Nut!

Yes. If you happen to be a lost princess in Fairyland, somebody may give you a dressmaking nut to save your life (change your life would be more accurate, but not as dramatic). Actually, the Brothers Grimm fairy tales don't say it's the nut that makes the dress. Somebody else, most likely a fairy godmother, could have made the dress and put it inside the nut for safe-keeping.

Either way, a forsaken princess needs to make a big impression if she wants to win back her one true love. Whenever the Grimm Brothers’ Cinderella wanted a new dress, she’d weep at her mother’s grave until a bird made one for her (or finds one for her... Again, it's unclear who does the dressmaking). Other poor maidens get their beautiful dresses from nuts (the same way you get a little toy from a chocolate Kinder Surprise egg).

In Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Two Kings’ Children’, a king and queen refused to bless their daughter’s wish to marry a prince (they wanted to marry off her two older sisters first). The young couple ran away and outsmarted the king and queen who chased after them. As a peace-offering, the queen gave her daughter three dressmaking walnuts.

The princess from Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Iron Stove’ received her dressmaking nuts from hospitable toads who lived in a cottage in the middle of the woods (you guessed it: the toads are really princes and princesses and the cottage is really an enormous castle).

For some reason, one magical ballgown isn't enough. A princess needs three dresses, each more spectacular and stunning than the last, to make her special someone fall head over heels for her. That's why she gets three dressmaking nuts.

The gift of a dressmaking nut is every girly girl's dream, but not every tomboy's or man's, so this type of magical item is ranked in tenth place. Find out what else you can use in Fairyland in my next post!

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