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Magical Items to Survive Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland (Type 9)

The Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland is full of weird and wonderful things that can catch anyone out. Here's one type of magical item you may want to keep in your fairy tale travel bag: The Curse of a Vengeful Imp! The items that fall under this category are the Dance-fever Fiddle, Donkey Lettuce and Nose Apple.

Let’s be crystal clear: None of these items have been described as curses and they haven’t actually been used by an angry imp. I just think calling them Curses of a Vengeful Imp is fitting. All were used to exact a cruel, twisted and bizarre revenge – without a drop of violence. Well, violence usually follows a Curse of a Vengeful Imp, but the Curse itself doesn’t draw blood.

Dance-fever Fiddle

The servant from Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Jew in the Thornbush’ shows kindness to a magic dwarf, who rewards him with three wishes. For some reason (along with a One-shot Gun and the power to make people do as he wants), the servant asks for a Dance-fever Fiddle.

When the servant meets a man who happens to be a Jew who happens to be a criminal, he plays the Dance-fever Fiddle and makes the man dance in thornbushes. The matter’s taken to court, where the servant makes everyone dance until the judge lets him off the hook. Anyone else think that nothing about this “kind” servant makes sense?

Donkey Lettuce

Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Lettuce Donkey’ is where a huntsman falls blindly in love with a maiden, who ends up stealing his magical items. You can’t blame the maiden: her witch mother told her to do it.

A wander into a vegetable garden later and the huntsman discovers the Donkey Lettuce. He nabs a bunch and feeds it to the witch, the maiden and their servant girl (who happens to be there). The women turn into donkeys and they’re left with a miller, who has to beat the witch donkey three times a day (she’s the mastermind), beat the servant girl donkey once a day (she happens to be there) and beat the maiden donkey zero times a day (she’s too pretty).

When the witch donkey dies, the huntsman has a change of heart. After feeding them Remedy Donkey Lettuce, the servant girl and the maiden become human again.

Nose Apple

In Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Long Nose’, a magic dwarf gives three poor army veterans three magic items, but these items are stolen by a princess who really likes other people’s stuff. Fortunately, one of the veterans eats some Nose Apples and his nose grows more than sixty miles long. The magic dwarf reappears and points him to Nose Pears, which make long noses fall off.

Following the magic dwarf’s advice, the veterans trick the princess into eating Nose Apples, which make the princess’s nose grow long enough to wrap around the entire castle. One of the veterans impersonates a doctor and punishes the princess for a day or two by playing around with Nose Apple Powder and Nose Pear Powder. He claims the Powder can’t cure her unless she returns what she has stolen.

Curses of a Vengeful Imp are handy when you want to teach somebody a lesson, but if you really want to survive Fairyland, forget dealing petty revenge: more powerful magical items are waiting to be found! Discover what they are in my next post.

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