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Magical Items to Survive Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland (Type 5)

The Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland is full of weird and wonderful things that can catch anyone out. Here's one type of magical item you may want to keep in your fairy tale travel bag: Gifts from Fantastical Friends! The items that fall under this category are the Animal Tokens, Magic Snake, Blue Light, Gnome Flute, Spirit Ring and Omniscient Bean. All will summon magical help when you need it most.

Animal Tokens

The ability to befriend animals in Fairyland is the mark of a good and true heart. Win the favour of a mighty member of the animal kingdom and you may be given an Animal Token.

In Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Three Sisters’, Prince Reinald won the respect of three cursed princes who turned into beastly animals at certain times throughout the year. He was given three hairs from the bear prince, three feathers from the eagle prince and three scales from the whale prince. To summon help, he only had to rub the Tokens together. Prince Reinald used them on his quest to rescue his three sisters and also succeeded in breaking the curse on the three princes and their sister.

Magic Snake

If you weren’t born with an affinity with animals, you can always eat a Magic Snake. A servant unwittingly did this in Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The White Snake’. His nosiness got the better of him, so he sneaked a peek at the king’s secret afternoon dish and couldn’t help but try a small piece. It turned out that the dish was a Magic Snake, which gave him the power to understand the language of animals!

To get the most out of this magical ability, it helps to be kind. By listening to their needs and wants, the servant was able to help Fairyland animals, who would later return the favour.

Send in the Gnomes

One of the best companions to have in Fairyland is a gnome or a dwarf. On your side, they’re a fantastic source of wisdom and magic. If you find the Blue Light, you’ll have the power to summon one dwarf. Get hold of a Gnome Flute and you can summon a little troupe of gnomes!

Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Blue Light’ sees an army veteran wander into the clutches of a wicked witch. In exchange for food and shelter, he was told to complete some chores and, lastly, retrieve a Blue Light from the bottom of a well. Sensing he was in danger, the soldier refused to hand the Light over. Outraged, the witch dropped the soldier back down the well and left him for dead.

Helpless, the soldier could think of nothing better than to smoke his pipe, which he lit with the Blue Light. From the smoke emerged a small, black dwarf, who pledged loyalty to him. This companion got the soldier out of the well, killed the wicked witch, kidnapped a princess and pummelled everyone in a courtroom (and the king). The trade off? All side effects you get from smoking.

According to Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Gnome’, Gnome Flutes can also be found at the bottom of wells. In this story, three huntsmen ventured down a well to rescue three princesses, but only the youngest was brave enough to reach the end. When his brothers betrayed him, the youngest found himself alone and trapped. Fortunately, there was a Gnome Flute hanging on the wall and every note played upon it would summon a flying gnome. They flew the huntsman straight out of the well.

Spirit Ring

The Spirit Ring is a rarity, but in Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Strong Hans’, a youth named Hans managed to kill an evil dwarf that happened to be wearing one. It was a stroke of luck, because even though Hans had rescued the fair maiden, he made one big mistake: he let his two comrades lift the maiden out of the hole first. Deep holes and wells bring the worst out of Fairyland folk, so Hans was left underground to perish.

When Hans put the Spirit Ring on, a group of helpful spirits appeared and circled about his head. The spirits declared that Hans was their master; they lifted Hans out of the hole and told him where the traitors had fled. They could be summoned by a simple turn of the Ring.

Omniscient Bean

This curiosity was one of the magical items taken by the princess in Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Okerlo’ when she fled an island of cannibals. Only the fairies know how the Omniscient Bean came to be, but it possesses the power to see all, hear all and (most importantly) tell all. As a bonus, it comes with cake! Thanks to this magic, the princess stayed several steps ahead of the wicked woman who was chasing her.

Travels in Fairyland lead to tricks, traps and treachery, so it helps to have allies you can depend on. It’s best not to rely on others too much, though. The magical items in my next post are practical tools for the independent traveller!

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