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Magical Items to Survive Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland (Type 3)

The Grimm Brothers’ Fairyland is full of weird and wonderful things that can catch anyone out. Here's one type of magical item you may want to keep in your fairy tale travel bag: Feasts for the Fairylander! The items that fall under this category are the Everlasting Foods, Magic Dining Table and Magic Tablecloth.

Get hold of one of these magical Feasts and you’ll never go hungry again. All you have to do is figure out how to stop people from stealing it. The crime rate in Fairyland is atrocious…

Everlasting Foods

At the dinner table, you have your basic bread, meat and wine. If luck would have it, each of these would have been enchanted to last forever.

In Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Raven’, a princess was changed into the form of a raven and instructed a youth to go to a house in the forest. He was to wait for her in the garden, but not fall asleep – that meant avoiding any food or drink offered by the old woman who lived there. If he succeeded, he could free the princess.

The youth turned out to be hopelessly unreliable and accepted food and drink from the old woman three times. Seeing he would never be useful in such a state, the princess decided that he could always rescue her straight from her prison: the golden castle of Mount Stromberg. Obviously, the youth was unlikely to accomplish anything without a bit of help, so the princess gave him three Everlasting Foods (bread, meat and wine that will never run out) for him to take on his journey. It’s a shame she didn’t see he could have used those Feasts from the start.

A loaf of Everlasting Bread was found by a prince in Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Water of Life’ on his quest to cure his ailing father. He picked it up from the floor of an enchanted castle and went on to share the Bread with three kingdoms that were plagued by famine.

Magic Dining Table

According to ‘The Magic Table, the Golden Donkey, and the Club in the Sack’, it’s possible to get a Magic Dining Table from a carpenter if you complete an apprenticeship with him/her successfully. When the lad in this Brothers Grimm fairy tale received his Magic Dining Table, he invited others to share in his good fortune. All he had to do was tell the Table to be covered and the most scrumptious of spreads would appear (complete with fine tablecloth, silverware and drinks). It’s no surprise that someone stole the Magic Dining Table later that night.

Magic Tablecloth

Far more portable and practical than the Magic Dining Table, the Magic Tablecloth also yields a great feast at the command of its owner. A traveller in ‘The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn’ was lucky enough to find one abandoned in the woods and greedy enough to take it with him.

Like his counterpart in ‘The Magic Table, the Golden Donkey, and the Club in the Sack’, he shared his fortune with people he met on his journey, only these people were honest. Rather than use their magical Wicked Weaponry to take the Tablecloth by force, they offered them up for trade. The traveller took full advantage of their goodness; after trading, he used the Wicked Weaponry to steal the Magic Tablecloth back.

Feasts for the Fairylander can bring out both greed and generosity. My penultimate post on Brothers Grimm Magical Items will explore the most powerful healing solutions that Fairyland has to offer.

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