The Changeling Treehouse

My Fairyland

With the help of information I gather for this blog, I'm building my own version of Fairyland. Explore the pages below to see what I've come up with so far!

About this blog

Passed down through spoken and written word, fairy tales evolve and adapt to cheat death. You can guess why it's no longer common knowledge that the frog princess once threw the frog prince into a wall. Or that the wicked queen nearly killed Snow White with a corset before conjuring the poisonous apple. And how do people feel about a villainous Snow Queen these days?

My mascots, the fairy bats, live in the Changeling Treehouse: the forgotten library of Fairyland lore. As they revisit the books on their shelves, I'll be compiling a mini online library here, dedicated to classic fairy tales from around the world.

For every fairy tale I choose to research, I will:
  • Re-tell the story in my own words
  • Design and draw the tale's main character(s)
  • Gather interesting facts about the tale

My credentials

My degree in English and Creative Writing, sadly, didn't make me a fairy tale expert, but one of the modules I studied was Children's Literature, which involved looking at traditional fairy tales. Please be advised that this blog was not written for academic purposes. I would like to direct the serious student or researcher to my Sources page, which lists many reliable books on the study of fairy tales and children's literature.